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About Us

Louise Hawkley

Louise Hawkley is a senior research scientist at NORC at the University of Chicago. Hawkley's research interests include examining the role of psychosocial factors in explaining individual differences in health and well-being during aging. Photo by Beth Rooney.



David O. Meltzer is Professor in the Department of Medicine, and affiliated faculty of the Harris School of Public Policy Studies and the Department of Economics. Meltzer's research explores problems in health economics and public policy with a focus on the theoretical foundations of medical cost-effectiveness analysis and the cost and quality of hospital care. Photo by Beth Rooney.



Alicia S. Menendez is a Research Associate (Associate Professor) at Chicago Harris and the Department of Economics, and a Principal Research Scientist at the NORC. Menendez's research interests include development economics, education and health, labor markets, and household behavior. Photo by Beth Rooney. 


Jay and Martha

Martha McClintock (above with Jay Pinto) is best known for her research on the relationship between mind, behavior and the functioning of the neural and endocrine systems. Her discoveries include the first conclusive, scientific evidence of human pheromones and their effects on the timing of ovulation. Photo by Beth Rooney.



Ofer Malamud, an associate professor at Chicago Harris, primarily conducts research in the fields of labor economics and the economics of education. His work has focused on the development of human capital and the impact of skills on university and labor market outcomes. Photo by Beth Rooney.


 Reynolds and Michaels

Michael Reyolds (with Stuart Michaels) is Vice President and Director of the Academic Research Centers. In addition to his experience in gathering and analyzing quantitative data, Reynolds is trained as an ethnographer and has conducted qualitative field research in sites as diverse as Chicago inner-city neighborhoods to Brazilian gold mines in the Amazon. Photo by Beth Rooney.

The History of the Chicago PRC

The Population Research Center at NORC and the University of Chicago, now in its 34th year, is an interdisciplinary research center designed to facilitate high-quality population research conducted by its researchers. From the early 1940s through the early 1970s, Chicago had an outstanding population group in sociology under the leadership of Philip Hauser, Donald Bogue, and Evelyn Kitagawa. This center of activity was revived in 1983 with a new P-50 Population Center. Since then, the staff of population researchers has grown from twelve to more than 40.

Growth within the Population Research Center has come from researchers in economics, psychology, business, public policy, medicine, and social services administration. This diversification in part reflects a broadening in all population centers and reflects a consistent trend at Chicago. The PRC has always worked at the margins of what was considered to be traditional demography, and as a result our center has helped expand the domain of the field. For example, we have placed less emphasis on the demographic methods featured in other population centers than on statistical methods adopted from the field of labor economics, including event-history analysis, and we have stressed the importance of understanding selection bias and censoring. We have also researched determinants of fertility decisions and their dynamics, timing, and spacing rather than more traditional fertility analyses. Though the research occasionally may have appeared to be on the periphery of demography, over time it has helped to redefine the domain more broadly.

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PRC Newletters

The PRC Newsletter is issued twice a year and contains news and updates regarding recent research, events, and changes at the Pop Center.

Current Issue - Winter 2015
 Winter 2015 Newsletter
Archives - 2010 to 2014
Summer 2014
Winter 2014
Summer 2013
Winter 2012
Spring 2011
Fall 2010
Winter 2010 

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Recent Publications

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Contact Us

For general information about PRC and the Demography Workshop contact Adelle Hinojosa, the office manager for NORC's Academic Research Centers, at or 773.256.6315.

Director Kate Cagney can be reached at or 773.256.6341.

Administrative Director Michael Reynolds can be reached at or 773.256.6073.

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