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Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research


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The Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) works to provide training and education in access to data, as well as curate and analyze data. A particular focus of the ICPSR is digital archiving of data, in an attempt to provide data for secondary analysis, preserve it, assure its integrity and make sure people have access to the data. The data archive at the ICPSR includes over 500,000 data files related to fields in social science research, including research topics of interest to PRC scholars: education, aging, criminal justice, and substance abuse. Specific files are also available for analysis online: these capabilities include searching for variables of interest, reviewing frequencies and summary statistics, producing summary statistics and charts, and viewing electronic codebooks.

To access data, users must register for a MyData account through the ICPSR website. Once the account is established with an IP address from an ICPSR member institution, academics, students, and other researchers can download the data directly from the ICPSR website. Data is available for download for the general public through the thematic collections listed on the website. Certain datasets are restricted use, with specified use policies. NORC datasets available from the ICPSR include both recent and past surveys. The surveys listed below are all non-restricted use, NORC produced datasets.


To find and analyze data from other studies, see the ICPSR website>>